About Us


宗旨 Goals

Chinese culture is both extensive and profound through a five thousand years of history and civilisation. Feng Shui, as a part of Chinese culture, is the great wisdom of the Chinese ancestors. It is a philosophy that explores the universe and the environment. The core idea of Feng Shui is the harmony between human being and nature.  
The goals of XH Feng Shui Holdings is to uphold the spirit of carrying forward and promoting the essence of Feng Shui culture, and to solve the life problems with the wisdom of Chinese ancestors, thereby leading people work together and build a prosperous and harmonious living environment with Feng Shui.  

使命 Mission

The duty of XH Feng Shui Holdings is to carry forward and promote the culture and tradition of Feng Shui, and enable people to practice Feng Shui into daily life, thereby become the master of one’s own destiny, and create value and build a harmonious society together.  
Besides, we are also strive for fostering and enhancing the culture of Feng Shui and promoting a Chinese cultural revival as well as benefiting all of the descendants of the Yan and Huang Emperors. To achieve this, we will endeavour to change people’s attitudes and stereotypes toward Feng Shui by instilling the correct concept and eliminate the superstitions in Feng Shui.